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Nose Surgery called rhinoplasty (also known as a nose job), is one of the most performed facial aesthetic surgeries. Rhinoplasty serves to improve the appearance and the shape of the nose and also combined with a Septoplasty correct the breathing issue if needed caused by deviated septum. It can be also performed as a reconstructive surgery to repair a broken nose or a birth defect The aim of a rhinoplasty is to provide a natural looking, without track.

Why is Estethic Center the best choice for Nose Surgery ?

Our team is dedicated to understand the needs of each patient thanks to their expertise. At Estethic Center we perform closed rhinoplasty surgeries in employing the most comprehensive techniques. The aim of our plastic surgeons is to provide to our patients a natural-looking with nice and proportional shape, without cutting nose.

How you prepare for a Rhinoplasty  ?

Before scheduling your rhinoplasty, you must send your pictures from different angles for Doctor assessment. Your medical consultant will assist you before, during and after your treatment. Once in Turkey, you will meet with our surgeon to discuss important factors that determine your needed treatment plan. Our surgeon will explain you what rhinoplasty can or can not and what the result might be.

One month before surgery

We kindly advise to stop smoking before the nose job. Smoking slows the healing process after surgery.

One week before surgery

One week before rhinoplasty, you will be asked to send us needed blood tests.

We kindly advise you to avoid aspirin and other blood thinner medicaments should not be taken for two weeks ahead of nose surgery. These kind of medicaments may increase bleeding

One day before surgery

We kindly advise to do not eat or drink any food and/or beverages after the midnight until your surgery time.

Surgery Day

You’ll have a consultation with our surgeon as well as with our anesthesia doctor.

Our doctors will conduct a complete physical examination before your surgery, including any laboratory tests, such as blood tests Our surgeon will inspect your skin and your nose in order to determine what changements need to be made.

Closed Rhinoplasty Procedure in our Clinic

At Esthetic Center, our plastic surgeons perform nose surgery with a closed rhinoplasty without making cut on the nose tip, they are also operating the functional and mechanical disorders causing breathing issues during the surgery. In a closed rhinoplasty as the incisions are made inside the nose, they are invisible after a surgery. Depending the required result some bone or cartilage (ear or rip cartilage) may be removed or some tissue can be added during the surgery if needed.

Depending the condition of the patient and the doctors’s discretion nose surgery can be done under local or general anesthesia.

Our patient can stay 1 night after the surgery in our Clinic.


For more informations regarding your Rhinoplasty

Please Contact your medical consultant Contact us