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A forehead lift is facial surgery designed to have more fresher and younger look

During the aging process the muscles located on the anterior side of the forehead lose their tonus, All these changes result in dropping of the forehead and eyebrow. Forehead lifting operation serve to correct the horizontal lines, signs of aging, and also correct the dropping eyebrows.


Who are the candidates for Eyebrow Lifting? 

If you are complaining about the sagging eyebrows, an eyebrow lifting can help you. But if you have deep furrows between the eyes, only eyebrow lifting operation does not always help you. A forehead lifting combined maybe with an eyebrow lifting may provide better results,more youthful and refreshed result.


Forehead lifting procedure 

Generally eyebrow lifting can be done under local anesthesia. The patient can get back to his Daily activities just after the procedure. In order to see final results the patient can wait several weeks.


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