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Breast lift also known as Mastopexy is a surgical procedure designed to raising and lift sagging breasts upon the chest of woman. and to restore firmness and youthful appearance by changing the contour and elevation of the breasts. During a breast lift, excess skin is removed, breast tissue is reshaped.

It is usually performed on women who have gone through pregnancy and breast feeding, which can affect the shape and appearance of breasts.

A breast lift can also be combined with breast augmentation or breast reduction surgeries.



Who are the candidates for Breast lift surgery ?

Candidates who have sagging breast and less volume in breast or with nipples point down. Also it is important to do not have an additional health problems. Non smokers patients are the best candidates for Mastopexy procedure. 

Why to choose Estethic Center for your Breast uplift ?

Our team is dedicated to understand the needs of each patient thanks to their expertise. At Esthetic Center we are able to perform a breast lift procedure thanks to our skilled plastic surgeons who use highly advanced medical techniques. 

How you prepare for Breast Lift Surgery ?

Before scheduling your breast lift surgery, you must send your pictures from different angles for Doctor assessment. Your Medical Consultant in Esthetic Center will provide you with all details regarding your treatment and will assist you before, during and after your Surgery. Once in Turkey you will meet with our surgeon to discuss important factors that determine your needed treatment plan. Our surgeon will explain you what a breast lift surgery can or can not and what the results might be. They will inform also about what you should to do for a fast recovery.

One month before surgery 

We will give you all necessary preoperative instructions 1 month before your surgery

We kindly advise to stop smoking 1 month before a breast lift

Smoking slows the healing process after surgery.

One week before surgery 

One week before the surgery, you will be asked to send us needed blood tests.

We kindly advise you to avoid aspirin and other blood thinner medicaments as well as herbal tea should not be taken for two weeks ahead of breast lift surgery.

These kind of medicaments may increase bleeding

One day before surgery

We kindly advise to do not eat or drink any food and/or beverages after the midnight until your surgery time.

Surgery Day

You’ll have a consultation with our surgeon as well as with our Anesthesiologist

Our doctors will conduct a complete physical examination before your surgery, including any laboratory tests, such as blood tests. Our surgeon will inspect your skin in order to determine what changements need to be made.







For further information about your Breast Uplift Surgery

Contact your Medical Consultant at Estethic Center Contact us