Salmon DNA

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Over many years and by the impact of environmental factors inevitably some deformations over our skin are progressed. For our skin regular and adequate sleep, sufficient water intake, well-balanced nutrition, avoidance from solar effects and smoking and required humidification are our indispensable necessities. Moreover, via required materials intradermal injections offer additional care.

After 30 years of age every year 1% collagen loss is experienced. Skin appears more faint and dried and losses elasticity. Salmon DNA therapy is known as the most productive treatment for more vital appearance of your faint seen skin, more smooth, most trustworthy and efficient recovery of your facial impression without deprivation.



How Salmon DNA is applied?

Before the application 30-45 minutes the patient is desensitized. After this, via infinitesimal needles almost in pain free form injected subcutaneously. In Salmon DNA vaccinate therapy 1 season hyaluronic acid, 1 season Salmon DNA are carried out.


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